Sunday, June 7, 2015

rock hopping

Julia:  Let's paddle out to the rocks.

Elliott:  Okay.

Wait.  You hold on.  And I'll..ouch...climb up and help you.

Ah!  You are floating away!

I'm cold.
Let me blow up the mattress again.  And we can get back in the water.

Ok.  Wait.  I forgot to put the plug in.  Hah!

Ew.  The rocks are so slimy.

Let's go over there next.

It's kind of far.

We can do it.  Okay.  Are you on?

Paddle.  Paddle.  Paddle.  
Look.  A fish!  Ah!!  Tipping!!  Alright.  Don't lean.

We are actually moving!  Almost there.

Julia.  I am really cold.  
Can we do just one more rock?

I just floated in my kayak.  And watched.  Close, in case anyone needed me. Listening to the negotiations and the prickles of irritation and cackling giggles and sighs of frustration. And to the kindness and ease between them.

Mommy!  Elliott's cold.  Can you paddle us in to shore?

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