Friday, September 11, 2015

knowing summer

Oh.  The back to school picture.  We have taken it in the same place ever since we moved here.  This year we have a new, not rotting door behind them.  Maybe next year a fresh coat of paint.  But other things are much the same.  Such as the efforts to get them all to smile at the same time.  Or to quickly soothe the feelings of one so that we can get on with it and take the blasted picture already.  Of course, once I call attention to the one who is not smiling, all other eyes turn toward that child.  And therefore we have one sad and two not looking children.

But, really, I like the in-process shots a good deal.  Because if I keep snapping, we can see the efforts of siblings, silliness, teasing, and wit, start to take effect.  And a smirk comes across the face.

And then a giggle.  

And then, I have to snap fast because quickly we move into exasperation that this is taking so long.  Why are you taking so many pictures Mommy?

And then they are off, back around the barn.  That ridiculousness behind them.  Full, heavy backpacks on, lunches packed, shoelaces double knotted.  Climbing into the car.

Hurry up Mommy!  We have to be on time!

That process of turning toward each other, knowing each other, each of us knowing how to get each one of them giggling.  And knowing when to back off.  It's sibling stuff at its best.  And it is the result of a summer, of time together.  Lots of time in the back seat of a car, lots of time in close proximity, lots of quiet moments and excitement and newness.  It is family life, it is good.  And we step off into the next year, together.

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