Sunday, September 20, 2015

on the lake...for forever

Oh, I wish I could say this was us.  But it is not. But it is some kind of fabulous.

The whole paddleboard phenomenon is taking the water world here in New England by storm.  And it makes me giggle to see people standing fully erect, atop the water, paddling around.  As though we all needed a new way to do water.  A new toy to master.  It just looks so funny to me.  But, as the above image proves, we all have our own ways of moving about.

So we rented two paddleboards for the day to see what all this standing up on water funny business was about.  The kids were pushing those boards off the sand and were out on the lake before we even got the life jackets out of the shed.  And needed to be called back.

Elliott typically could spend the whole day moving tadpoles and frogs and fish from net to bucket to lake.

But once he heard Nicholas call to him that you could see fish everywhere from atop the board, he was wooed away.

Of course, the kids were better at this than the adults.  

But once up, and once children had been spoken to in very firm voices that bumping into adults just barely able to stay up was not allowed and any passengers needed to sit still and low, we were off. 

And though there are no pictures of my view, because, well, I was standing on a rolling rocking board in the middle of the lake with a child likely to lunge to the left to see a turtle swim under at any moment, the view from up there was kind of amazing.  I am used to sitting in a kayak, my eye level just two feet above the water.  But up there, in clear water, you could see for forever, as the kids said.  You really could.

And when you scared up a great blue heron in the reeds and it flew by your brothers, just a few feet in front of them and what seemed like eye to eye with the heron, that was pretty amazing too.

And watching them from behind, Jonathan and I back in the kayak now, we noticed more, given our gaze being higher to watch the kids, of the horizon behind them, newly dotted with wind turbines, both standing children and turbines a part of a new view of the lake.  A new visual memory of this place we have come to for forever.

And Big Rock didn't seem quite so big, when you were standing on the water, rather than down in the water.

These new views, they were wonderful.  But mostly, I liked watching how, once the boards had been used awhile, in their intended way.  Once changing positions and balance had been improved.  

It was back to their own individual freestyles.  

Following their own course.

It was back to their silly antics.  Using those boards in ways that involved everything but standing up, paddling with a paddle, and getting from once place to another.

And as often happens, in between all of the silliness and the goofing around.  There was a whole lot of sweetness up on the lake.

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