Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chicken Tunnel 2.015

It has happened.  I know you were waiting on the edge of your seat.  Perhaps partly because the barn began to be gag-worthy when you entered it, but mostly because the playdates between old and new chickens began to pay off, we have combined the whole flock and they are all living together in the coop.  And I have celebrated this event with the construction of The Chicken Tunnel 2.015.

Chicken Tunnel 2.015 connects coop with garden.  Is made with scraps of garden fencing.  Can be made with the help of a willing 9 year old,  But must be constructed before the ground freezes.  Chicken Tunnel 2.015 is still working out a flaw in the connection between garden and tunnel, in which pesky canines have pulled it apart repeatedly in order to enter said garden and snack on rotten tomatoes and chicken scratch.

But otherwise? It's all good.

With a bit of training (a boy and a bowl of scratch does wonders), the chickens will enter the tunnel.  Eventually.  And when they decide to.  And not before.

And sometimes it can get downright crowded in there.

Because we are still working on the whole coming when called thing, or going where I need you to go, or running away from me when dark is coming and I need to leave to take someone to their piano lesson.  This tunnel can be quite handy.

Chicken Tunnel 2.015 offers the backyard chicken keeper a bit of control.  Traffic regulation.  Helps dogs and chickens coexist.  And? With less feather loss.

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