Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Oh Halloween.  I have a love/hate relationship with you.  But I do like the pumpkins.  I like the reflection of the different ages of our children in their carving, or not carving, choices.  That Nicholas goes for a little bit scary.

And Elliott goes for cute.

And Julia goes for something that makes sense with what the other two have chosen.

And so, we ended up with Mo Willems' inspired Elephant and Piggie pumpkins.  And Pumpkin Eats an Apple Alive pumpkin.  It was very good.

And then. on to costumes. The cute, the weird, and the one who makes sense.

Elliott was, yes, a doughnut. Nicholas went with an understated disguise since he was only passing out candy this year. Not too scary for the littles and not trying too hard for the teenage cool. And Julia. She is the one who struggles the longest each year to decide who she would like to be. And the most important requirement for a costume is that it is not fussy, no annoying danglers and irritating parts, and it needs to allow her to run. Fast.

In the end, she went with Dorothy. We made the dress from a thrifted skirt that was just the right Dorothy fabric. And given that it was the night before Halloween and all stores were closed and we were digging through my closet desperate for ideas, that's exactly why she went with Dorothy.

And then Jonathan and I rummaged in the dress up bin for the Scarecrow and Wizard of Emerald City hat at the very last minute. Just to pull it all together, of course, since that is usually Julia's job. And this year she was inspiring it all.

In the end, we had giggled that Elliott was a Munchkin. But he announced that he was anything but a Munchkin and Nicholas announced he was that guy from the Wizard of Oz that no one can remember because his disguise is so good.

And yes, I put my hat on backwards by mistake.

Julia ran her heart out that night. And upon reflection the next morning, she told me. Mommy. This year was my best costume ever. I was warm, I could run, and my feet didn't hurt.

So it was an excellent Halloween after all.

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