Friday, November 20, 2015

smashing pumpkins

Ah yes, ye olde smashing of Halloween pumpkins on the way to the compost pile. Do you celebrate this as well? We do this every year. And this year, I finally got wise and thought to have them do it in the garden, where the chickens have access and can enjoy the post smashing vittles. Kids and chickens were both delighted.

That was my upgrade. The kids' contribution to stepping this holiday up a bit was to scurry about the now close by garden shed and emerge with tools. To add to what already feels a bit gruesome. And Julia grabbed my phone to document the carnage.

Elliott was happy rescuing seeds, of course.

It was, this unique celebration, 2015 style, epically messy. As well it should be.

And really, it was all a thinly veiled solution to getting "remove the rotting collapsing pumpkins from the front door step (where the general public is witnessing my neglect) and carry them down the hill to the compost pile" off my to do list.

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