Sunday, December 13, 2015


While running amongst the trees during their yearly game of tag at the tree farm, the kids came upon a rather lanky stump. It was thin. And almost four feet tall. We giggled a bit about what the tree cut from this stump must have looked like. It was, after all, as tall as Elliott.

Pretty soon, despite their silly antics of hat stealing and tossing them into the highest branches, and then running and hiding, the stump caught their attention and they stopped to check it out.

And someone had the creative/pesky idea to attempt to get someone atop said stump.

Even if that Lorax-like someone was not necessarily a willing participant. It was not as easily as stealing his hat and tossing it out of reach.

Reinforcements were brought in.

But Elliott made a break for it.

And before we knew it, stump was no more.

I think stump is now log.  Darn that Super Axe Hacker.

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