Friday, December 11, 2015

the giving tree

It was cold when we headed out to our favorite tree farm this year. Parkas, hats, and mittens cold. Which we have not had very many days of yet, this winter. The trees were covered in a thin frost, the ground was hard and crunchy, and we were breathing mist as we walked around looking for the perfect tree.

Not this year's tree. But oh man, would that be funny.

Tree Envy.

Trees not yet ready.

It didn't take as long as it has in some years to find a tree that we could all agree upon.

Especially since this tree, up at the very top, had been enjoyed, snacked upon, at some point by a creature for its delicious pine cones, now just their centers remaining. But the top of the tree was sprinkled with cone pieces. And for some reason, this was very appealing to us all. A tree with a story, a tree with a moment before us, a little closer to nature. A tree that had given a little bit of itself to a creature.

And so, we got to work. And by we, I mean Jonathan. The rest of us stood around, chatted, critiqued, took pictures, and stabbed.

While the strongest member of our group hauled the tree to the road,

And Jonathan headed to the house to pay and bring the car closer,

I felt as though everyone had it all pretty much under control. Yes, Nicholas has taken to photobombing or doing something strange in most pictures I take of him these days.

So I wandered off to watch that moment when the sun is just beginning to turn the ice to water and fog. Where you can actually see the line of ice following shade.

It was all so lovely down there in the sun amongst the trees we were not taking home with us. The ones who did not require attachment to the roof of our car.

Oh. Wait. Do you need help?

Obviously not. Julia's got this.

Julia: Oooh. What are you eating?

Creature debris.

Mud debris.

Large tree.

And we were off. To get that tree once in a frost to fog to liquid field and munched upon by a creature home.

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