Tuesday, March 8, 2016


How quickly we move from snow to...mud.  From ski gear to lacrosse sticks.  From sledding to collecting sap.  This has been a very mild winter, so the quick change feels even stranger in its lack of contrast.  But the change is here.

Our silver maple, the first producer of forage for our bees, is in bud.

And the bees are out and flying.

And doing a bit of spring cleaning. Anybody else hearing: Bring out your dead!

They are alive and kicking in this hearty hive, and I am feeding them honey frames (and a little bit of sugar candy I found in the back of our freezer, my own product of spring cleaning) to keep up with them while other forage is still scarce.

Elsewhere, it is greening up.  And browning up actually.  Mud season is upon us.

As usual, the melting snow is trickling down the river bank, exposing a whole new batch of treasures to be uncovered and discovered.

And projects put aside for the colder months need to be returned to.  

And with the melting of the snow comes the reality that it is a wicked mess out there. Leaves that went unraked before the first snow, summer and then winter toys that were forgotten, projects that amused the kids for hours, and then stayed behind when it got dark.

And I can't help but notice that I do believe those are old couch pillows propping up the abandoned sled jump.

Millie is, as usual, doing her best to help with yard clean up.

We are boiling our sap on days we are home.  And eyeing the garden, the last bits of snow melted in it just a few days ago.  That will come soon.  For now, the chickens are spending their days at work in there.

And given that we are collecting more eggs than we can keep up with, those chickens clearly so very happy with all the warmth and light and space to roam, and sharing eggs with everyone we know, egg dishes are the perfect base for our syrup these days.

It's feeling springish out there.

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