Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It all started during the few days that Elliott was home sick from school, sick but not too sick.  Sick enough to need to rest and not move around much, but still needing a bit of entertainment.  With Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein, long awaited and finally available as an audiobook from the library's download collection, and a quick run upstairs to the art closet for bits and pieces of cloth and yarn and felt and, always, with Elliott, googly eyes, and we were set.

I started the time sitting facing him on the other end of couch with my laptop in my lap.  Having it in mind that I would work while he quietly crafted.  And he was, indeed, very quiet.  But it was hard to not watch what he was up to.  And so, I did watch.  And then we chatted about design, and how what he was working on might work better.  And in his quiet shakey sick voice, he asked, would you mind sewing me a few bean bags?  

A quick hunt for holey socks was really all he really had in him energy-wise and then I did a hasty stitch and we were back on the couch.

You're a terrible influence, I told Elliott, snapping my laptop closed.  And he grinned and I grabbed an unclaimed stuffed bag.

Elliott watched me for a bit.  Not to be outdone...

Elliott stopped working about here, and took a nap.  Around dinner time pig-so-plump-he-rests-on-his-belly, as he came to be called, entered the kitchen, fully wound.  Tail all corkscrewed.  And started drawing a crowd.

It turns out yarnimals are kind of addictive. And definitely run the risk of causing dinner to be late.

Our dogs.

Our flock.  I can't decide which chicken I like best.  But I definitely love their range of acceptable body types.

Trying to appeal to siblings who had chosen to go outside and throw a lacrosse ball, Elliott made efforts to entice yarn winding mates.

And then his yarnimals began to need friends.

And then things started getting more exotic.  Like sloths. 

Are sloths exotic creatures?  I think so.  In Maine at least.

He's back at school now.  But his cast of characters is waiting for him.  

And I bought him more pipecleaners.  

Mommy.  Can you get different colors this time?  

Sure.  You don't want the realistic animal colors again?  

I do.  But I need yellow for chicks and pink for a flamingo and green for a frog and...

I got the rainbow pack.  Bulk sized.

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