Tuesday, April 26, 2016

while the kids are at school

Well, yes, as with all pets, it does eventually become my job to feed and clean up after and take over most of the responsibilities for animal care here.  I deal in a good deal of animal waste here, of many varieties.  It's not a glamorous job, but I do enjoy the elimination of odor that results from such work.

Also, I kind of enjoy a few moments of quiet with the chicks, when I get to hold them.  They are so monopolized by the kids when they are home.  I am pretty sure nobody would let me take close ups of their stripey wing feather stubs.  

Or of their awkwardly large feet.  And the kids would roll their eyes when I made the observation that these gangly stubbly large footed smelly creatures remind me of my children.

And no one would let me do weird things with the chicks such as placing them on windowsills for pictures.  

Elliott and I are convinced that we have three roosters here, of our five. They are showing their inner blustering, and bossing, and standing on the heads of others, and general testosteral behavior.  We seem to attract maleness, chick wise.  More than half of our last batch turned out to be cock-a-doodle-doers.  

So I have my suspicions.  It's all...about...attitude.

Don't tell anyone, but I kind of have a favorite.  There is one chick who is smaller than the other four.  I will not name this chick Tiny, because last time "Tiny" became quite the crower, but this chick is small.  Song bird sized.  But she does not like to be separated from the rest of the crew and gets all tweety when she is taken away from them.  If you maintain eye contact, she will have a bit of a tweety conversation with you.  But then, too much eye contact and, like my children, she will cop an attitude with you and get all tall and aloof. 

But take a look at her fuzz.  On the back of her head.  And her tail feather stubbies.  Oh my.

And now I must clean the brooder.  But that was fun.  Let's not mention those 15 minutes to anyone.  Okay?

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