Tuesday, May 3, 2016

fedco 2016

Ah.  Early spring.  Such a good time of year around here, when activities and sports and ways to spend our time are changing and the outside world is beginning to green up just a bit.  And this year, given that we had significantly less snow than is typical I think, we kind of skipped the whole mud season here.  Which is nice for now, but I worry about what it means for our growing season, and for our bees.

We made our annual trip to Fedco again this year to pick up our seed and plant order.  And by we, I mean I sent Jonathan this year for the first time.  He was driving by, quite literally, on his way south from a technology conference in Bangor.  And so, though I love it so, this year it did not really make sense for me to make a separate trip to go myself.

From the texts he was sending me at home while he wandered about, I think that next year I might have a buddy when I go again. He clearly loved it.

And he delivered my orders to me at home, and I was happy to see he made a few impulse purchases as well, as I always do.

I didn't really miss out, because I then spent the weekend getting things in the ground.  Cleaning up the fruit patch to put in our new plants.  Elderberry and wild blueberries are new to the patch this year. 

And while out there, I found three lilacs still in their pots that I had completely forgotten about and left tucked away in the hedge all winter long.  Ahem.  I think maybe I forgot about them perhaps for two winters actually.  Oh dear.  Well, they are in the ground now.

I plan to finally trellis the raspberries this year.  Big dreams.  Someday?  A fence for the fruit patch.

I looked the other way from the lovely violets that enjoy my strawberry beds.  Because, violets!

And I added compost and mulch to the highbush blueberries.

Meanwhile, the seedlings are coming along in the makeshift greenhouse here, more commonly known as the shed.

And I reclaimed the fruit trees from the blackberry bramble.

Though I am not sure I will reclaim the gardens from the enormous groundhog McMansion that seems to be there.

Jonathan was threatening to mow, and I reminded him of how very silly this was as an idea for how to spend his time.  Because this lovely clover, purple flower who shall not be named, and dandelion mix is early spring honeybee forage.  And we do not mow dinner.

And the chickens are out and foraging as well.  They are now banished from the garden so we can start to get it ready to be planted.  They are not pleased with this development.  I heard rumblings of picketing.

And that's about it here in the yard.  Early spring.  So much just beginning.

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