Friday, May 20, 2016

finished project

We have finished the attic.  Finished is actually kind of a grandly ambitious word for it.  We have stopped working on the attic for now.  We decided we needed to work on finishing projects around here before we started on others.  We are attempting to be grownups.  

So with the summer coming and most work moving outside, and eyes and wishes turning toward the garden and the treehouse project next in line for completion, we were motivated to get the attic space pulled together.  Come on up and take a look.

Don't look too closely.  It has issues.  Patches over mistakes and imperfect solutions to trouble spots.

Lines that were supposed to be straight that are triangular.

There is the area that late one night, lying on my back, stitching by hand while Jonathan screwed edges into beams, when I might have reached my breaking point.  

I described said area as a dirty diaper effect. 

This corner best represents my state of mind.

It's a good story, the making of this space.  Making this home work for us with the materials and skills we have, or don't have.

And now we get to enjoy it.

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