Tuesday, May 17, 2016

more complicated than it needs to be

It was late at night.  And it was the end of a two year project.  That involved stitching a tent into our spray foamed attic to make a usable play space for the kids.  It all started here.  Well, really, here.

It has been a long house project.  In the end, needing to work around the spray foam insulation and not pull any of it out or we would have lost the whole point of the insulation, we decided a canvas tenting kind of look was our best option for the ceilings.  This is what happens when two unhandy people try to craft their way out of a situation.

So there we were, finishing up.  Working area by area, trying to pull it all together.  In a certain moment, one in which I decided it was best to hold my tongue and Jonathan decided it might be best to work in a different area than me, I was trying to figure out how to make the low ceilinged area look put together and to cover all the spray foam and have the fabric look smoothish.

I was wrangling a sewing machine and a table into this low area, trying to plug the machine with its frustratingly short cord into an outlet miles away, deciding whether I needed to be closer to one wall or the other and stitch from right to left or left to right.  And Jonathan was laughing at me.

I think you might be making this more complicated than it needs to be.

I looked at him.  Crawling out on his belly through the draped canvas in the pass through.  

I looked around our couture tented attic specially designed to showcase our ping pong table and children's' adolescence.  And gave him a look.  I think it expressed a look of bemusement and irony.  And maybe something more.

And then I got to work.  

Is anyone else getting a Rumpelstiltskin vibe from this?

It the olde sewing with your knee in the attic late at night trick.  Even trickier?  Taking a picture of it.

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