Sunday, May 22, 2016

outside time

Our pullets, still a few weeks from being ready to join the hens in the coop are big enough to be able to spend some time outside.  They are not particularly compliant travelers, however, and tend to scatter rather than jump docilely onto your hands when you approach them.  There are challenges to both the journey out and the journey back inside.

Luckily, Elliott is happy to crawl in the crate to retrieve them.  

The small garden area that Julia and Elliott created is fenced in, and as yet unplanted.  It makes an excellent small play area for the pullets.

Out in the sun and on the ground for the first time, Possible Rooster eventually comes out of the box.  Looked around.  Poked around.  And headed back into the box.

Elliott encouraged them to all come out to explore.  And then sat and watched them very diligently while I wandered off and pulled weeds nearby.  I think he may have been singing to them.

They found and ate their first worms, hid behind their first chairs, made friends with inanimate objects, spoke to the hens safely through the fence, and pretended to be ostriches.

It was all quite entertaining.  Next day, Julia wanted in on the action.  Gathering them was easier with two.

And things got rather silly down there.  Swing rides and flying lessons and perfectly sized holes.  

Pullet in a hole? I don't really know why.

But the pullets had plenty of fresh air that day.

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