Sunday, May 15, 2016

pirate peep

When Elliott and I were researching the best chicken breeds to diversify our flock this year, we compared a lot of different breeds for hardiness, laying behavior, lack of broodiness, personality with children, coloration, and the all important size.  We even made a table and filled it out, qualities we desired on the rows, breeds in the columns.  Yes, we can be weird.  Light Brahmas fit every box of our preferences.  Large enough to be difficult to get carried away by hawks, but not so big that they eat all our feed size.  And oh my.  So cute as chicks and gorgeous as mature hens.

We seriously can't handle the fluff..

Despite their adorableness, they are uncooperative picture models.

Elliott thought the cheese puff made a good prop.  She was a typical diva supermodel.

One of the yellow fluffs has already earned her name: Pirate Peep.

Somewhere between pick up and home, she seems to have gotten poked in the eye, perhaps by another agitated chick.  And her eye lid was stuck closed the next morning.  Elliott was concerned.  I googled.  And I did not like the results of my search.  

I closed my laptop.  And thought.  Jonathan suggested we try to put some warm water on her eye.  I held the chick and he squeezed drips of warm water from a towel onto her head.  And wouldn't you know it?  She opened her eye after a few drops reached her lid.  And it hasn't been closed up since.  

Her name will live on though.  It's a good one.  And given that she needed a bit of extra attention and snuggling until she was warm and fluffy again, we all have a special connection with this pirate.

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