Friday, May 6, 2016

we are going to need a bigger box

The chicks are getting much bigger, as they do.  We have been moving them farther and farther from the heat lamp as their feathers come in and they are therefore better able to keep themselves warm.

And despite some rather hilarious kiddie-pool-on-the-dining-table time spent out of their elegant homemade bin brooder, it was time to give them more space before they are ready to be outside.  

And it happened that Elliott and I had a few hours at home, just us.  He is always up for a wacky craft project and even more willing if said crafting project involves duct tape.  And animals.  So he was an eager helper as we built Pullet Brooder 2016.  A trip to the barn for supplies and we returned with a large dog crate, sheets of IKEA furniture wrapping plastic, and a roll of duct tape. 

I practiced my gift wrapping skills

And Elliott spread a fresh layer of pine shavings.

The chicks knew something big was about to happen.

We figured out how to hang a feeder.  I remembered the importance of patience, despite the frantically chirping chickens and the approaching time by which I needed to leave in order to pick Nicholas and Julia up from school.  And keeping my hands to myself while Elliott figured out knots and hooks and heights and radiator perching.  These are life skills after all.

Especially radiator perching.

And then it was moving day.

There.  Much better.

What?  Don't you keep chickens in your dining room?

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