Wednesday, December 7, 2016

mamalode, from back here

I am so very happy to have my essay, from back here, published on Mamalode today. Mamalode's theme this month is growing up, and I can't think of a better description of our days and of my view of each of our children these days.

My essay is about hiking the Highline Trail in Montana's Glacier National Park this past summer.  This hike remains one of my favorite memories of our 3000 mile road trip from Maine to the American and Canadian Rockies and all the places in between this summer, and if you ask our children, they would agree.  These days, when so much is unpredictable and unexpected, what I can count on is that if I propose we do something a little bit outside our comfort zone, with a little bit of difficulty and danger, I am likely to be met with enthusiasm.  If undertaking such a thing results in a near disaster, all the better.  The story that is spun from such an adventure retold again and again by all of us once we return home.

As we hiked this 12 mile trail, I was taking pictures of the landscape, and of the trail, and of our children moving along it.  We met quite a few people while doing so.  Below, I have included some of my pictures from this hike.  I look forward to writing more and sharing more about our time in Glacier and of our summer road trip in the future.  For now, from home, the summer sun and warmth seeming as distant as Montana, here is a smattering of the view, from back here.

the picture I took from blister rock

I hope you will head on over to Mamalode and read my essay, and all of the other essays from this month's theme, growing up.  

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